Storytelling must be linked to brand values.
Telling a good story is an efficient way to assign meaning to value propositions, build identities and generate empathy with the public.

Storytelling must be linked to brand values.

Philip Kotler has been signaling for some time that brands transcend the consumer market, becoming political, cultural, and socioeconomic phenomena. That marketing is in a scenario where the focus should be on the field of aspirations, values, and the spirit of people.

In this context, telling a good story is an efficient way of giving meaning to value propositions, building identities and generating empathy with the public.

If elaborated according to the storytelling methodology that involves a series of techniques for the construction of the fictional universe, the evolution of the narrative, the development of the characters, and the “hooks” that hold the audience’s attention, this story creates an emotional link with the consumer, which enhances the engagement and appreciation of basic elements of their persuasion.

But it is important to remember that all this effort will only be successful if the story is linked to the brand’s values and is based on the truth of the company.

A good example is the VW Kombi’s farewell action. That vehicle went out of line because it was outdated and unsafe but, thanks to its true emotional connection with the public built in more than 60 years in the market, allowed the creation of a narrative captivating without looking corny or contrived.

Leandro Correa

Beat Communication

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