Social media is more than interesting content.
The management of a brand's social media is essentially about connection and interactivity.

Social media is more than interesting content.

The management of a brand’s social networks is essentially about connection and interactivity. Just like personal relationships in the physical world, contact on social networks must be humanized, bidirectional, deliver something useful for them, clarify doubts, and suggest solutions.

In this scenario, interesting content that catches the consumer’s attention is just the starting point, since the actual engagement is in interactivity that goes beyond the likes, comments, and shares on the page. It is certain that visitors are being informed, instructed, and educated about their segment. When you are able to buy that product, identify your brand as the authority on the subject.

This is content marketing, and its support goes through the continuity of the communication flow, directing the consumer to always be informed on the brand’s website about the segment in which it operates, a more conducive environment to convert it from visitor to lead, in a potential consumer to your sales team.

In this sense, in the management of social media, it is not enough to post interesting texts. It requires an integrated strategy with all the brand’s digital marketing platforms – Website – blog – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, mail marketing, etc. – and content set up in a planned way for each channel, with the objective of attracting visitors, convert into leads and make sales. And this is only possible with good Inbound Marketing software, which manages metrics and monitorable spreadsheets for each action, whether organic or paid.

Basic steps for managing social media results

  • Invest in advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.) to boost your visibility, increase your audience’s engagement and boost organic growth;
  • Produce your own content, unpublished or exclusive, about your solutions and using the keywords of your Adwords campaigns. The best-positioned brands without exception adopt this strategy;
  • Findability, your brand must be on all social networks where your audience is;
  • Channeling traffic to your own website is where your audience should be browsing.

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