Nexialism – the vision of the whole
The solution to a problem may lie in the combination of different knowledge.

Nexialism – the vision of the whole

In the business world, we are bombarded by an ever-increasing supply of information, usually in a summarized and disconnected way. Therefore, the tendency is to prioritize the area with which we are directly involved.

What can go unnoticed, even by the time we have less and less to dedicate to the analysis and reflection of what we access, is that different contents can be recombined in order to acquire a new meaning and greater relevance.

One of the terms that define this form of perception of the whole is Nexialism, coined in the science fiction book “Voyage of the Space Beagle” by Alfred Elton Van Vogt, which deals with a spaceship whose crew is composed of specialists in different areas of knowledge and a “nexialist”, who has comprehensive knowledge and knows how to seek answers to problems by creating solutions that make a connection. Needless to say, during the mission, it is always the nexialist who resolves the most dramatic situations.

Nexialism integrates the various disciplines that make up human knowledge so that they make a connection with each other. In this way, the contamination of the analysis of the problem is reduced by the addiction of origin, in which each one thinks that the solution is mainly related to his area of operation.

Taking a concrete example, the solution to the problem of violence, in a unidirectional view, could be focused only on the arrest of criminals. In the concept of Nexialism, it would involve the integration of areas as different as those of education, social inclusion, urban architecture, and psychology. In addition, of course, to the fight against crime itself.

In marketing, this culture would transcend the purely advertising vision, focused on the creation and placement of campaign pieces, starting to seek answers and opportunities among the various departments of the company (management, marketing, production, purchasing, finance, etc.), generating an integrated communication process and with the commitment of all involved.

In summary, in an environment with so much information available, more important than accumulating knowledge, is having the ability to find, identify, and combine the parts that make up the solution to the problem, even if they are in areas very different from its central focus.

Leandro Correa

Beat Communication

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