Lead Generation: it’s easier to sell to those who want to buy.

Lead Generation: it’s easier to sell to those who want to buy.

In a very simplified way, it can be said that a lead is someone who has the potential to buy and has a real interest in buying your product or service, but has not yet closed a deal. An interesting profile, but dispersed among a large number of people who are not interested or do not have the financial capacity to purchase what you are offering.

On the internet, to reach the slice of interest in the cake, it is necessary to develop materials and / or content that are relevant to this audience, generating increased traffic on the site. The next step is to provide some free attraction in exchange for which the user provides personal contact information, becoming a qualified lead.

Whoever signs up will be really interested in what you are offering and therefore more likely to close a deal.

It is clear that to generate qualified leads it is necessary that the attractions correspond to the interest of the target audience. As an example, a brand of children’s products can provide exclusive content on the health and well-being of children (focus on parents) or a game for the little ones. A sporting goods company, on the other hand, could offer a free app for performance monitoring.

Main benefits of lead generation:

  • Qualified traffic to the website: as it is focused on the audience that interests, the lead capture campaign will generate an increase in visitors with this profile.

  • Measurement of campaigns: the significant gain in efficiency and accuracy in the evaluation of marketing campaigns provided by a list of qualified leads enables more agile and effective responses to the results obtained.

  • Conversion rate: the increase in the conversion rate in sales of the site is another positive reflex of the lead generation strategy, since it is aimed at those who are more able to confirm this conversion.

  • Relationship: the content developed can be used for forwarding leads through the sales funnel, with the presentation of successful cases, problem solving, presentation of suggestions for use and elimination of barriers. Hiring marketing automation software makes it possible to accurately determine who your leads are, how they got to the brand, as well as other information that will allow you to prioritize the leads most likely to close a deal.

  • Mailing of qualified customers: the traffic generated by the relevant contents and the convincing strategy for completing the registration results in a list of customers within the desired profile.

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