Green Innovation
Today green business is becoming a standard practice for the main sectors of the world economy.

Green Innovation

If it is not for the new generations, it is for the future of your business.

A few years ago the adjective “green” was associated with a minority of weird people or radical political parties. Today green business is becoming a standard practice for the main sectors of the world economy. A movement that many already characterize as a third industrial revolution that will force companies to seek the path of innovation and act in a sustainable way.

The idea is to bring together the basic concepts of innovation and sustainability to generate value by meeting current demands without compromising the environmental resources of future generations.

According to Hitendra Patel, director of the Center for Excellence in Innovation and Leadership in Cambridge, companies that do not follow the green wave will suffer severe upheavals or may have their lives compromised when it finally arrives.

This is because environmental issues are having a great repercussion, contributing for customers to start questioning the conduct of the companies from which they purchase their products and services. In Europe more than 60% of consumers are already looking for products with some certification that prove that the industries that manufactured them are green.

In a society where information is increasingly accessible and people are becoming more aware, managers can no longer think only of administrative skills, rationality of processes, and quality of products / services. Business today needs to be economically profitable and environmentally sustainable.

But it is not enough to do just green marketing (also known as “greenwashing”), because with the dissemination of information without control through social networks, companies that only use ecological appeals without actually doing anything concrete are subject to being exposed quickly. In short, in order to capture the value of sustainability, it is essential to deliver on what has been promised. Therefore, the promise must be viable, perceptible, and appropriate to the company’s DNA.

We are just getting our feet wet in this vast ocean of opportunities that green innovation can bring us. I believe that it is worth reevaluating what we are doing, the way we are doing it, and how we are delivering our products or services to make them less environmentally aggressive. If contributing to the preservation of natural resources for your children and grandchildren is not enough encouragement, think about preserving your own business. In the near future, those who do not enter the green wave may have difficulties to get out of the red.

Leandro Correa

Beat Communication


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